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Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Why Choose a Water Softener from Centex Water Systems

Centex Water Systems has created a positive credibility for the quality of its water softeners throughout the years. Apart from formal recognition of the product quality, customers in Jonestown, TX, have been satisfied with the product’s performance and output. So if you need a water softener that works with top-notch quality and is at a competitive price, call Centex Water Systems in Jonestown, TX today.

Water Quality in Jonestown, TX

Central Texas is home to some of the most effective job opportunity, making it the favored place to live. However, water quality in Jonestown, TX has been deteriorating over the years. Currently, multiple watersheds in the area are at a high risk of pollution from excessive minerals and hardness-causing substances. Texas is considered the state with the most toxic levels of consumable water in the US. Centex Water softening systems solve this growing problem.


Centex Water Softener Home Systems in

Jonestown, TX

Centex Water Softener Systems leads the marketplace for water softener for home in Jonestown, TX. The water softeners we set up for residences are top-notch, very productive, and also ensure the best outcomes. We reduce water hardness to lower your monthly electric bill, eliminate hard stains on your fixtures, and reduce your reliance on pricy cleaning products and detergents. Our ion exchange water softener can improve your water quality and provide numerous benefits. Good thing we have water softeners for sale! Check out the home water softener system by Centex Water Systems now.

Centex Water Systems

We Have The Solution For Your Hard Water In Jonestown, TX

Included With Every Water Softener Installation

Make the most of our full-service offerings for our water conditioning and filtration systems:

Lifetime Warranty

Water softener system comes with a lifetime warranty for its mineral tank, brine tank shell, and control valve against manufacturer defects.

Financing Available

Centex works with commercial and residential customers to develop custom payment plans as needed.

Free First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

The first year, your water softener and filtration system should function properly or it will be repaired for no cost.

Annual Maintenance Program

Maintain your water softener and filtration system and keep it lasting at maximum capacity as long as possible.

Regenerate Your Water With Centex

Why Your House Needs Pre-Plumbing For Water Softeners

Pre-plumbed houses and industrial spaces in Jonestown, TX have already factored in the requirements to install a water softener. This decreases the power, price, and also time included in installing a whole-house water softener system or commercial water supply. It also minimizes the changes required of the current plumbing system for the installation. The water softener can be installed in a pre-plumbed house or office by simply turning off and draining the water pipes. The cost of installing new pipes is minimal as well. Most importantly, there is minimal disruption in your routine tasks when a pre-plumbed system exists in your home or building.

What If My House Is Not Pre-Plumbed For Water Softener in Jonestown, TX?

Don’t worry! Centex Water Systems in Jonestown, TX can solve the problem for you. Upon hiring us, we send out an estimator to determine the most suitable and cost-effective location for your water softener installation. Based on this location, we estimate the costs of setting up the plumbing system in your home. Our team constantly has a sensible solution to mount a water softener in residences that aren’t pre-plumbed.

Why Centex is the Best Home Water Softener System?

Centex Water Softeners rely on progressive flow technology making use of material grains in the brine container, making sure the most effective cause very little time. Similarly, our best water softener system for home comes in various full port flow sizes installed with Clack Vision Valve, meeting the state requirements. The water softener unit also uses alternating systems and self-cleaning technology to ensure maintenance-free usage. All these cost-reducing and comfort-enhancing factors make Centex’s products the best water softener system for homes in Jonestown, TX.

Whole House

Water Filtration System

Centex currently leads the market in supplying the best whole-house water filtration system in Central Texas. Our whole house water filter system ensures that tap water is always safe for human consumption and household appliance usage. Installing our whole house well water filtration system can remove metallic taste and odors from the water, making your drinking water more refreshing and safe. If you are concerned about the whole house water filtration system cost, reach out to us today for a realistic estimate of your installation fees. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your home’s most acclaimed whole-house water treatment system today.

Benefits Of Centex Whole House Water Filtration System

Searching for “whole-house water filtration in Jonestown, TX?” The Centex hard water filter for house is your perfect choice. It complements your water softener system, ensuring the highest quality water output. With our whole-house well water filtration system, you can ensure the health of your family.


Our whole-house water filtration system eliminates stains from sinks, tubs, and toilets. If you are looking for one, choose the NSF and ANSI-certified Centex systems. Our certified plumbers will also install the whole house water filter for hard water for your convenience.


Water Softener

Get the most reliable commercial water softener from Centex today! Our commercial water softener system reduces your expense on chemical-based cleaning products by a chunk. We ensure that softened water is produced and that buildup in your pipes is reduced. With our commercial-grade water softener, your operational costs will definitely be lowered.

Get rid of hard water stains by choosing the best commercial water softener in Jonestown, TX to improve the water quality at your premises today. You no longer have to look for commercial water softener companies near me. Just ring us up at Centex Water Systems!

If You Want To Increase The Life Of Your Appliances, Fixtures And Faucets, Then It’s Time To Get A Water Softener System.

The Best In Central Texas

Centex Water Systems was founded to bring our best-in-class water softener systems to residences as well as companies across the bigger central Texas region. Those who stay in the area have long known that hard water concerns linger as well as will not go away on their own.



As certified and licensed plumbers, we’ve been in the water softening business since 1995. Since then, we’ve seen it all in terms of the harm that hard water can do to your home or place of business. Hard water deposits build up in your pipes and plumbing systems slowing down your water flow and water pressure. To combat this clogging and buildup, your appliances have to start working much harder to complete the same job. This extra work costs you money in both your monthly electric bill and the overall life expectancy of your appliances.

At Centex Water Systems located north of Austin, Texas, we know that our top-shelf water softening systems could put run-of-the-mill plumbers out of work. That’s because in central Texas, hard water problems are the number one reason why you have to call a plumber. From clogged drains in your sinks to poor water pressure in your shower head, washing machine and dishwasher, hard water problems are the root cause of most common plumbing issues. When you install our water softening systems, you won’t need to call a plumber – or an appliance repair technician — nearly as often.

One Call To Solve Your Hard Water Issues!

Get rid of hard water stains in Jonestown, TX with the help of our units for water softener commercial use. Our industrial water softener system improves the taste of the water and increases water flow rates to peak levels. With the right water softener commercial systems, maintenance will be the least of your concerns. You can even reduce your costs on chemical cleaning agents. Discuss your sizing considerations with our team today and get the best commercial softener per your requirements.   Our staff at Centex Water Systems are always ready to assist you with commercial water softener installation.

Discuss Your Requirement

At Centex Water Systems, We’ve Been Installing Our Top-Of-The-Line Water Softeners For Over 20 Years.

We are specialists in this field and also only mount the right-sized water softeners.

Our years of experience have taught us that cheaply constructed, one-size-fits-all water softeners simply don’t do the job right.

Our water softening systems are suitable for:

We are professionals in this field and also just set up the right-sized water conditioners. Our years of experience have taught us that cheaply constructed, one-size-fits-all water softeners simply don’t do the job right.


Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our water softener and filtration systems in Central Texas.

The home water softeners are useful for removing hard water scales and prevent them from accumulating in the plumbing or other water appliances.

Water softeners alone can’t completely purify the water supply of your home or commercial complex. But once it’s combined with a water filtration system, it gets the job done.

Given the high level of water hardness in the state, you are likely to spend more on healthcare and getting rid of stains if you don’t have a softener system installed. Water softeners can therefore reduce your routine expenses.

Home water softener and filtration systems perform largely different functions. Both systems complement each other in offering the most useful output.

Generally, water softeners can be a headache to maintain if the provider uses low-quality equipment and redundant technology. With Centex Systems, the issue is immediately solved, so water softener costs will no longer be your issue.

This is highly unlikely. While you have to pay more for appliance usage, your other appliances will consume less energy when dealing with soft water instead of hard water, offsetting the impact.

Definitely! Getting the right water softener system is important to get the most efficient outcome. Our services makes it possible as we offer the best systems in all sizes.

Yes! Water softener systems address water hardness and soap scum buildup, ensuring the longevity of your plumbing pipes and water-using appliances. Reduce maintenance costs today by getting a water softener system from our water treatment specialist at Centex.

All our systems offer a self-cleaning technology that ensures that you get the best output and can stay stress-free.

Certainly! Installation services are offered through licensed technical professionals who can handle the task perfectly.

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Central Texas's Top Water Softener Company

Centex is a team of experienced, licensed plumbers who have been installing water softener and filtration systems for more than 20 years. Our NSF-44 Certified water softener meets all plumbing codes.

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