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Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Water Softeners

Improving Your Water Quality

Residential water softening systems completely eradicate scale and hard water buildup from your home. As a result, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your home’s water quality and in everything that water touches.

Centex Residential Water Softener Systems

The plumbing in your home is prone to scaling and hard water buildup. You need the best water softener system for home to remove scales and treat the water. It significantly improves the quality of water and makes it safer for drinking, cooking and dishwashing.

The Certiflow Softening And Regeneration Process

The hard water softener system uses a resin bed to filter the water, and the minerals are attracted to the resin beads. These hard water chemicals are removed, leaving behind soft water which is safe for residential consumption.

The hard water minerals are absorbed by the resin until saturation point, after which the system goes into regeneration. The hard water softener system removes the minerals from the resin, so it is ready to treat more water. The resin tank draws up brine water, which rinses the resin beads and removes all hard water chemicals to send them down the drain. Then freshwater is used to make sure there is no residual brine on the resin beads. The water softening solution is once again ready for use.

Why You Need a Certiflow Residential Water Softener System

Keeps the plumbing system of your home from wear and tear

Removes hard water spots from tubs, showers and sinks and reduces soap scum buildup

Better for hair, skin and laundry

Why Centex Is The Best Home Water Softener System

The presence of hard water is a danger to human health and water appliances. Hard water causes skin problems like dryness and rashes to those who regularly bathe in it. The presence of chemicals can also make hair brittle and increase hair fall. A water softener for the house can remove the minerals, chlorides and chloroquines from the water, making it better for your skin and hair.

Pipes, plumbing and other water appliances are also prone to buildup and lime scale deposits. These can accumulate inside the fixtures and connections hindering the flow of water and making the appliances work harder and use more energy to operate at maximum efficiency. The deposits can also lead to wear and tear decreasing the lifetime of appliances and plumbing. Our water softener unit can remove the minerals that cause buildup and extend the lifetime of your appliances.

Hard water is also the sole reason behind unsightly stains on kitchen sinks, bathroom tiles and shower doors. You need industrial strength cleaning agents to get rid of them and it requires a lot of scrubbing. The white lime scale layer forms in coffee makers, water jugs and other appliances which are impossible to clean. Our top rated home water softener systems can solve the problem by eliminating the water spots and also lime scale deposits.

A Purifying Water System To Improve Your Quality Of Life
Of Water Heaters Fail Due To Hard Water Buildup
0 %
Longer Lifetime Of Clothes Washed With Soft Water
0 %
Reduction In Laundry Detergent Usage
0 %
Benefits Of Centex Residential Water Softeners

Now you can keep your pipes, fixtures, plumbing system and water appliances safe from the damage caused by hard water by installing one of our whole house water softener systems. Not only will it increase the lifetime of your appliances but also prevent stains and buildup.

Water Softener Saving Chart
Monthly Cost*
Annual Cost*
% Saved
Monthly Savings
Annual Savings
Plumbing and Appliances Replacement and Repairs
Cooking and Coffee Tea, Sugar and Canning
Clothing and Linens
Energy Consumption (.06 KWH) Heat loss due to scale
Soaps and Cleaning Aids, Laundry, Dish Washing, Bathing, Skin Complexion, Shaving, Shampoo and Rinse *10 or more hours of cleaning per month

Say Goodbye To Hardwater And Its Problems. Invest In A Water System For Hard Water And Save More!

Getting a new water softener in your home will improve your quality of life and also save you a lot of money. We have an annual package deal that is designed to make payments easier for your new water softener system.

Why Centex Has The Best Home Residential Water Softener System
Centex Water Systems

We use professional technicians to run a complete diagnostic on your home’s plumbing system to make sure the right size and specifications are used. The sizing is a very important part of the residential softener design because it optimizes the regeneration cycle.

Sizing a Home Water Softener and Filtration System

The Centex residential soft water systems have resin beads to absorb the hard minerals, chemicals and other residue present in the municipal water for the next cycle. During regeneration, the system is in standby mode, so ideally this process happens at night when water is less frequently used. Installing the right-sized system will ensure that the resin needs to regenerate only once every 24 hours.

Following the Latest Codes

Residential softener Centex Water Systems ensures that is always in compliance with all United States plumbing codes to avoid any issues with the local courts. We inspect the house first to see if there is enough space to install the system. There is no additional water connection or unnecessary drilling required. The procedure is very simple and abides by all the health and safety laws.

Our equipment is NSF-44 certified and we are up to date on all our certifications. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who are well-versed in plumbing knowledge and also know how to test the water at your home. They will make sure that you need a water softener system by checking the hardness level of your water supply first, before proceeding with your home water softener installation.

The new water softener system comes with electronic controls so you can check the status of your supply and also know when it is in regeneration mode. With regular maintenance and care these systems can last up to 10 years and with the savings they rake in, you’ll see double or even triple the return on your investment in your residential soft water systems from Centex.

A Purifying Water System To Improve Your Quality Of Life


Of Water Heaters Fail Due To Hard Water Buildup


Of Water Heaters Fail Due To Hard Water Buildup


Of Water Heaters Fail Due To Hard Water Buildup

Central Texas's Top Water Softener Company

Centex is a team of experienced, licensed plumbers who have been installing water softener and filtration systems for more than 20 years. Our NSF-44 Certified water softener meets all plumbing codes.


If You Want To Increase The Life Of Your Appliances, Fixtures And Faucets, Then It’s Time To Get A Water Softener System.

FAQs: Residential Water Softener

The home water softeners are useful for removing hard water scales and prevent them from accumulating in the plumbing or other water appliances.

The water in Central Texas has the highest amount of hard mineral grains per gallon in the United States. The quantity ranges from 7 to 14 GPGs.

Yes! Hard water can accumulate buildup in the pipes and reduce the water flow rate. Our NSF 44 certified residential soft water system can help alleviate the problem and help keep the water pressure high.

Yes. Hard water can slow down the water flow which means your appliances will need more power to operate at the same rate. It causes wear and tear and spikes up the electricity bill.

Yes. Hard water causes residue buildup and soap scum to stick to your skin. Without it, you will notice visible improvement in the texture.

The investment will pay for itself because it reduces the wear and tear on your home appliances and plumbing. Your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater will work longer. You will also save a lot on your monthly electric bill because the appliances will be running efficiently.

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