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Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Centex Commercial Water Softener Systems
Your pipes, water appliances and plumbing are prone to wear and tear because of hard water. One easy way to increase their lifetime and improve efficiency is through installing a commercial grade water softener system. It is designed to take care of a high volume of water for your industrial and business facilities. The commercial water softener system will save money and reduce the dangers associated with hard water use. Contact Centex today for more information on water softener commercial use and commercial water softener installation today!

What is a Commercial Water Softener System?

An industrial water softener is a filtering device that has ion-exchange resins that absorb calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese present in the local water supply of the Central Texas region. A Centex industrial water softener removes the minerals that make water hard and bring a lot of added benefits for your plumbing and water-based appliances.

Why Do Industries Need A Commercial Grade Water Softener?

Industries and commercial businesses that have water-based services or on-site kitchens and restrooms should be concerned about the quality of the water they have at their facilities, and consider a commercial softener. Water softening is different from water filtration and it can cause spots on surfaces as well cause build up to accumulate in the pipes.

Through the buildup, the water pressure is severely affected and can cause many problems for water-related appliances. These commercial water products will have to work harder to operate at the same level of efficiency and given the lower water flow they will be using a lot more electrical power to get the same amount of work done.

Make your customers happier with better water quality at your premises.

Do away with hard water stains and the constant cleaning they require

Reduce the appliance and plumbing bills due to hardwater buildup

Increase the value of your business with time

What are the pros of commercial water softener installation?
The commercial water softener systems have many direct and indirect benefits for a business. It can change the properties of the water and make it much safer and healthier for use. Other than the reduction of buildup, it is also much gentler on items being washed with that water. When the water is soft it is able to create more soap suds, which means you will require lesser laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid. It also makes the dishes and china appear brighter and helps clothing become softer. Not only will you be saving money on cleaning agents but also have to replace items less frequently because the water will extend its lifetime. When looking for the best commercial water softener companies near me – look no further than Centex! Water softener commercial systems are also a must-have for restaurants and food or beverage manufacturers because it makes the water taste fresher and improves the overall impression created by the beverages, dishes and items prepared using the water.
Advantages of a Commercial Water Softener System
Are you running a business with a high water consumption rate? Then you are probably aware of the plumbing bills and maintenance costs per year. The water softener for commercial use can be a lifesaver by improving the water quality and lowering the costs associated with its use. Contact Centex today for an industrial water softener price quote!

Commercial Water Softener System

If you run a business that uses a lot of water, then you know the costs associated with plumbing repair and maintenance. A commercial water softener system is a good investment because it improves the quality of your water while also lowering your operational costs.

Centex Water Systems Is A Go-To Name For High Quality And Innovative Water Treatment Systems.

Increase the lifetime of all your pipes, plumbing and water appliances. Don’t delay!

Commercial Water Softener Systems You Can Count On

Many industrial water softeners claim to treat hard water but lack the softening and regenerative processes. They do not have the right size or fail to keep up with the high volume and frequent use at a business facility.

Regeneration in a Commercial Water Softener System

A water softener system relies on regeneration which ensures that the process continues to repeat itself to secure there is a constant supply of soft water. The system cleans itself and flushes out all the hard minerals it absorbed from the water, so the resin beads are ready to get back to work.
Many industrial water softeners claim to treat hard water but lack the softening and regenerative processes. They do not have the right size or fail to keep up with the high volume and frequent use at a business facility.

The water softener system uses salt in each regeneration cycle. The salt is corrosive and may cause damage to the system with time. This is why the size of the water softener has to be perfect to ensure it only needs to regenerate once every 24 hours.

Our commercial water softener systems can have multiple units too for those businesses or industries that need access to soft water 24/7. This way one unit can regenerate while the other one continues to treat the water.

Sizing Considerations

The water softener commercial system should be sized according to the nature of the business and frequency of water use. During inspection we check the water pressure, test the water hardness levels and measure the temperature. Using this information, the capacity of the water softener tank and how much resin it can hold are decided.

We also have to figure out the regeneration schedule and find space to store these tanks on your premises. A commercial water softener system does not necessarily have to be large in size. It can also be smaller if you have a small location or your soft water needs are limited. Each company is given a customized quote and the system is designed specifically for them.

learn more about our commercial water softener systems by giving us a call to test your water today

Centex measures your water usage and installs a system that is right for the facility

The commercial water softener system has an NSF 44 Certification

It is designed and tested based on your location

All US plumbing codes and laws are adhered to

Each component comes with a lifetime warranty

Central Texas's Top Water Softener Company

Centex is a team of experienced, licensed plumbers who have been installing water softener and filtration systems for more than 20 years. Our NSF-44 Certified water softener meets all plumbing codes.


Four Stage Filtration System

Catalytic- High Activated Coconut Shell Carbon. Specifically designed for the reduction of: Chloramines, Hydrogen Sulfide and Dissolved Organic Compounds and their chlorinated by-products such as Chloroform and other Trihalomethanes(THMs), leaving a clean and fresh taste to the water.
High Capacity Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Used for reduction of: Free Chlorine, Taste, Odor and Dissolved Organic Chemicals, leaving a clean and fresh taste to the water.
KDF-55 Media. Effective Chlorine and Heavy Metal reduction. KDF-55 Also inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Gravel Quartz Support Bed Increases flow through filter system and helps protect distributor screen.

**REFINER Systems should not be installed on water of unknown quality, or on water that is micro-biologically unsafe**

The Restriction and Reduction of Pressure Loss is the Reason Most Water Softeners

Do Not Meet Plumbing Code

The First and Foremost Requirement is Certification (303.1 – 303.4) All Water Softeners Must Be NSF 44 Certified

Chapter 6 and E103.3, Part 3, Item 3.5 Require all equipment to meet the Flow Rate and Pressure Loss Demand for the Application.

Without Certification, it is NOT POSSIBLE to determine if the equipment has the proper engineered sizing to meet the requirements of the intended application.

Quick Reference Guide for Fixture Unit Count and Water Softener Sizing Fixtures and Load Values Assigned in Fixture Tables E103.3

FAQs: Commercial Water Softener

If your business uses a lot of water or water appliances such as a car wash, laundromat, coffee shop, then you should invest in a system to treat the hard tap water.

Yes. There will be no calcium or mineral residue in the pipes preventing them from clogging up or harming the appliances.

The stains will automatically disappear making your sinks and tiles look cleaner.

You will need only half the amount of commercial cleaning products to scrub away mineral deposits and other residue.

Your water based appliances will be prone to less wear and tear. They will have a longer lifetime due to the more efficient operation. It will also cut down on your electricity bill.

They will notice the improved taste of water and softer clothing, linen and other items depending on the business type.

Water softeners when combined with a water filtration system can successfully remove any softeners and chemicals found in the local water supply.

Centex Water Systems Is A Go-To Name For High Quality And Innovative Water Treatment Systems.

Learn more about this great solution for commercial and industrial facilities by giving us a call today!

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