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Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Serving Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Why Choose a Water Softener from Centex Water Systems
Invest And Save With A Water Softening System From Centex Water Systems

Enjoy the cost savings of an optimally operating plumbing system, or pay for plumbing repair down the road.

Benefits Of A Centex Soft Water System
Centex Water Systems
Included With Every Water Softener Installation

Take advantage of our full-service offerings for our water softening and filtration systems:

Centex Water Systems

Lifetime Warranty

Our water softener system comes with a lifetime warranty for its mineral tank, brine tank shell, and control valve against manufacturer defects.

Centex Water Systems

Financing Available

Centex works with commercial and residential customers to develop custom payment plans as needed.

Centex Water Systems

Free First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

During the first year, your water softener and filtration system should function properly or it will be repaired for no cost.

Centex Water Systems

Annual Maintenance Program

Maintain your water softener and filtration system and keep it lasting at maximum capacity as long as possible.

Water Quality In The Central Texas Region

Where Problems in Texas Water Begin
When it rains in Central Texas, the water collects in lakes as well as aquifers. Rock formations in these bodies of water start to gradually thaw as well as enhance the water with dissolved minerals. The greater the quantity of liquified minerals in the water, the harder it is.

In the Central Texas region, the average water hardness is more than 200 ppm, which rates us as the state with the 6th hardest water in the US. Any city or county with a gpg or grains per gallon (hardness of minerals) over 10.5 is considered extremely hard.

While some cities in the region have somewhat soft water, for example College station with 8 ppm, and Waco at 41 ppm, most Texas cities have problems with hard water concerns. We’ve created a table to show the averages for most cities in the Central Texas region below. For example, the average water hardness in Round Rock is 239mg/L or 13.95 grains per gallon.

Georgetown’s average water hardness is 200 mg/L, or 12 gpg; and the water provided to Georgetown and surrounding areas via the Edwards Aquifer has a hardness 300mg/L or 17-18 gpg!! Centex Water Systems has developed a line of home and commercial water treatment systems to provide the safest, and purest water possible. Give us a call, and let’s test your water!

Centex Water Systems
A Purifying Water System To Improve Your Quality Of Life
Of Water Heaters Fail Due To Hard Water Buildup
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Longer Lifetime Of Clothes Washed With Soft Water
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Reduction In Laundry Detergent Usage
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Central Texas's Top Water Softener Company

Centex is a team of experienced, licensed plumbers who have been installing water softener and filtration systems for more than 20 years. Our NSF-44 Certified water softener meets all plumbing codes.

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